School News: Our kids are the greatest

By Deb Henton, Ed.D.


For the fourth year in a row North Branch Area Public Schools hosted Community Service Day last Friday, and it was once again a success that warms the heart.

We had not only students, but many staff members, out in our communities making them a better place. Leaves were raked, weeds pulled, entertainment provided, and lessons learned by all of us.

One of the great many benefits for students is how they are perceived in our communities. It tends to be a generational assumption that “kids today” are not as upstanding as previous generations. Our current students will likely be saying the same thing in 25 years!

Community Service Day provides example after example that the old adage isn’t really true at all. Kids today are helpful, polite, and involved and that fact is reinforced every Community Service Day.

In fact, we have great kids here at NBAPS and over the course of a school year I see countless acts of kindness performed by our students.

Community Service Day teaches students the value of taking care of the places they live. Whether they choose to stay in the area or settle far from here, those lessons will benefit them and their communities as a whole. They are values that will be handed down to their own children someday, and so on.

Not all lessons learned can be measured through tests. Some are measured in the smiles and gratitude of those who took the time to tell our kids how much a couple hours of community service really means to a city or township. Those are lessons we all learn, and lessons that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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