Looking back at Memorial Day



Memorial Day services were held throughout the area, at many cemeteries and in North Branch at Central Park.

At the Covenant cemetery in Harris, Zack and Lindsey Ploetz placed the flags as names of the fallen buried there were read.

Among them were Russell and Harvey Stark, brothers who lost their lives in a bombing mission over Germany.

When the two brothers died, a third brother, Lorrie, was taken out of gunnery school and given a desk job stateside, as the US Government felt the family had sacrificed more than enough.

In North Branch, Cub and Boy Scouts accompanies the color guard to the park where a wreath was laid in memory of the many who lost their lives in the service of their country.

Staff Sgt. James Kraus shared some statistics on the war casualties going back to the Civil War. Learning the numbers, and that many Minnesotans and local service people lost their lives in war, makes Memorial Day more meaningful, he said.

Sgt. Kraus said it is vital that we continue with the Memorial Day parades, services and visits to the cemeteries.

But he also said as we go fishing and boating we should remember these service men and women and their sacrifice.


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