Jeske Noordergraaf, VMD to run for MN Senate seat in District 32

Jeske Noordergraaf

Dr. Jeske (Yes-ka) Noordergraaf, chairman of the Sunrise Town Board, seeks election to the Minnesota Senate in District 32.

Noordergraaf earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University Of Pennsylvania. In 1993 she began her equine veterinary practice in Chisago and Isanti counties, establishing Sunrise Equine Veterinary Services.

Noordergraaf lives with her husband Jim and son Clay on a farm in rural Sunrise Township. Jim is a traffic engineer with the US Department of Transportation and has served on the Chisago County Board of Adjustment and the Chisago County Planning Commission. Clay is a student at Chisago Lakes High School.

Shortly after making Sunrise their home in the early ’90s, Noordergraaf ran for political office and became the first woman elected to the Sunrise Town Board. During her first term she was instrumental in developing the Sunrise Township road maintenance program, which led to a significant improvement in the quality of the roads and winter snowplowing in the township.

When her son was born in 1996 she left her public service role to focus on family and the development of her equine business. Having won her own battle against breast cancer in 2005, she fully understands the importance of strengthening health care for all Minnesota citizens, and she remains committed to the fight against cancer by dedicating her time for the organization Relay for Life.

Noordergraaf returned to public office in 2010 when she was again elected to the Sunrise Township Board, currently serving as chairman. She also sits on the Chisago County Association of Townships Board.

In 2011, Noordergraaf sold her ownership interest in Sunrise Equine to her associate Dr. Kirsten Frederickson.  While still practicing equine veterinary services, she now steps up to serve Chicago and Isanti counties in Minnesota Senate District 32.

“My interest in serving in the Senate stems in part to my frustration of seeing all the fighting that is going on in the House and Senate rather than cooperation,” said Noordergraaf. “When I go on veterinary calls, I often hear farmers’ concerns, which are not being addressed by our current legislators. I pledge to work hard in the Senate, to listen to all voices and make fair decisions.”

Noordergraaf was endorsed by the Democratic, Farmer, Labor Party (DFL) at the Senate District 32 convention on March 24, 2012.

Jeske Noordergraaf can be reached at [email protected] or 651-242-6059, and contributions can be sent to: Jeske for Senate, 39750 Poor Farm Rd, North Branch MN 55056. Her website is

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