Congratulations North Branch schools

To the Editor:

I want to extend my sincere congratulations to the teachers, administration, faculty, and students at North Branch High School. It was quite a thrill to read the article in the U.S. News and World Report designating North Branch as one of the nation’s best high schools.

Our school district has learned how to do more with less for many years, and North Branch’s “Bronze” rating is proof that our teachers and staff are providing a great educational experience for some of the state’s leading students.

It has not gone unnoticed that schools in Chisago County receive disproportionate funds compared to those in the Twin Cities area, exemplified by the fact that the Minneapolis public school district receives $14,000 per child while North Branch is granted only $8,500 per student. Unfortunately, this has been the situation for many, many years.

We know that money, used effectively, helps students reach their educational goals by providing an increased amount of educational opportunities. We also know that having an extremely dedicated and hard working group of teachers, parents, administrators, and students, who persevere day in and day out, will most always overcome other disadvantages.

Such is the case in the North Branch school district.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing.” – Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 5, 1855

I promise to continue fighting for aggressive reform in K-12 education funding. But for the time being, I want to thank everyone at North Branch High School for their dedication to the education and well-being of our state’s greatest resource – our children.

State Representative Bob Barrett, Chisago County

  • Seth Kirk

    The State of Minnesota has a uniform school funding formula that determines district funding primarily by the needs of children that attend each district. If North Branch schools have less needy children than MInneapolis, they should be thankful. One significant funding difference that districts can determine is the approval of local school levy referenda. The funding numbers that Representative Barrett quotes undoubtedly include levy money that Minneapolis voters approved with a 71% yes vote, and do not include a North Branch levy that was defeated with a 55% no vote. If Representative Barrett wants to find more funding for North Branch schools, perhaps he should be convincing North Branch voters of the value in funding public education, rather than suggesting he is going to go get money from Minneapolis.

    • Jeff


      You don’t have a single clue how the system works. Schools in district 11 that includes Blaine, Andover, Champlin and many more also receive much more per student than North Branch. Oh wait it gets better, Minnetonka, Orano, North Oaks/White Bear Lake also receive much more per student. If you don’t know how the system works, please don’t spread lies. North Branch is at the very bottom, your little idea that its solely based on low income/needy students is a complete lie. Learn the truth before spreading more lies. Its these exact lies that have made it impossible to pass a ref.