289 years of safe driving represented by N.Branch school bus drivers

The North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) Transportation Department held its annual safety awards breakfast at North Branch Area Middle School on May 30, at 8 a.m. NBAPS’s Transportation Department traveled 27 times around the world in 2011-12, used over 60,000 gallons of diesel, and over 4,000 lights checked daily.

Thirty-four safety awards were earned, for a total of 289 years of safe driving. Awards were earned as following:

One Year

• Kim Schwinn

Two Years

• Melissa Borgman

• Patty Trester

Four Years

• Chris Rogde

Five Years

• Michele Baker

• Cindy Gillette

• Eric Gustafson

• Karen Lueck

• Marty Mingo

• Stu Schmidt

Six Years

• Deb Axling

• Don Bilunas

• Erin Coleman

• Pat Corcoran

• Tanya Dietrich

• Bob Karstens

Seven Years

• Lisa Klaas

• Annie Kurkowski

• Ann Mathisen

• Bill Weinries

Eight Years

• Linda Eastwood

• Patty Kuntz

• Brent Schroeder

Nine Years

• Steve Peterson

• Rose Tema

Ten Years

• Julia Stone

• Julie Weller

Eleven Years

• Shari Lehmann

Twelve Years

• Larry Clarin

• Deb Thomsen

Thirteen Years

• Noelle Strohecker

Fourteen Years

• Karole Frink

Fifteen Years

•Peter Bloomdahl

Sixteen Years

• Stan Mitthun

Seventeen Years

• Jonelle Nelson

Eighteen Years

• Roberta Tauer


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