‘Stuttering: For Kids By Kids’ DVD available at Rush City library

Kids who stutter have a lot to say, and friends can show them how in “Stuttering: For Kids By Kids,” a DVD starring real kids who stutter, available at many public libraries including Rush City Public Library.

Many children who stutter have never met anyone else who struggles with the same disability. But in this DVD from the Stuttering Foundation, they meet other kids who recount how they handle challenges such as teasing, speaking out in class, and teaching others about stuttering.

“All those interested in helping kids learn more about stuttering will want to see this tape,” said speech-language pathologist Bill Murphy of Purdue University. “The children featured are a perfect example of how to openly and honestly handle stuttering.” “This is an important tool for families and teachers of kids who stutter too,” added Jane Fraser, president of the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation.

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