Where are our police?

To the Editor:

Last Saturday, June 2. at 10 a.m. I was coming into North Branch traveling east on Hwy. 95 and signaled right to turn on 8th. Ave.  Meanwhile behind me a car rear-ended the car that was behind me and that car lurched forward and hit my van.

All three of us were able to move our autos into Hermanns Insurance parking lot.  The other two cars had extensive damage, my van not as much.

911 was called immediately.  Along comes Rick Olseen, who finds out that we are all OK, and he goes and borrows a broom and cleaned up the street of glass and bumpers and various car parts.  What a good citizen, thanks Rick!

The three of us drivers exchange info and wait for the police to come.

Finally after two more calls to 911, the Minn. Highway Patrol from Hugo comes.

We have waited 45 minutes by this time!

My question is this, where were the North Branch police or the Chisago County Sheriff Department?

Yes there were no injuries in this 3-car accident but I feel waiting 45 minutes, during the day right in town, is unreasonable service.

Mary E. Johnson

Spring Lake

  • Tony

    HWY. 95 is a state highway so state patrol is required to write the crash. as long as there is no injuries local police will not be notified.

  • N.b. citizen

    As i understand it, it is a state road. And the only officer that can write a report is a state trooper. Not a county or local officer… welcome to regulations.