The members of Paradise Pride and their new mascot. Photo supplied

Watch the skies over Rush City on Thursday night, June 28, as the young people of Paradise Pride “light up the sky” with sky lanterns.


“For the hands of our volunteers, the kindness of our supporters, and the wills of our communities.”

Paradise Pride is like a special Olympic program in that it offers outstanding opportunities for young people in the community who might otherwise have obstacles, to accomplish and excel in areas such a sports activities.

They learn to set goals and work together and are rewarded for their enthusiastic efforts.

To thank everyone who helps them along the way, Paradise Pride is planning a release of large, colorful sky lanterns at the site of First Lutheran Church, 1000 S. Jay Ave in Rush City, at 8:30 p.m. Besides the lanterns already scheduled to be released, a limited number will also be available for purchase at $2 each.

To accomplish this exciting event, they are looking for 20 volunteers (age 16 or older) to assist with the release of the lanterns. Please call 320-247-3035 to volunteer to help.

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