Brian Johnson runs for Dist. 32A representative

Meet Brian Johnson, the endorsed Republican candidate for State Representative in House District 32A which includes most of Isanti County and northern Chisago County.

Brian Johnson

Brian was a farm kid, growing up on his parents’ dairy farm in Springvale Township.  His adult life has been spent in law enforcement, beginning with nine years in the Braham Police Department and continuing as a Deputy Sherriff in Isanti County for the past 17 years.  Brian and his wife Diane live near Cambridge with their son Mikey.

Having lived his entire life in our community, Brian has learned the importance of hard work, common sense and a strong moral compass.  These have been the foundation of his life, both as a family man and law enforcement officer.  They will also be his foundation as our representative in Saint Paul.

Brian is running for office because of his concern for our community and his son’s future, as a lifelong resident and law enforcement officer can see them.  With budget shortfalls, rising unemployment and families struggling to make ends meet, we need strong leadership in St. Paul from people who “have walked the walk”, not just “talked the talk.”

Brian will represent us well by fighting for lower taxes, smaller government and needs of our community.  We need a business friendly environment to create jobs so our young people can stay here and raise their families.  We need education reform that puts money in classrooms where it benefits our kids, not bloated bureaucracies.

Brian knows you share his concerns and would love to hear from you.

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