Furman seeks re-election to NB city council

My name is Theresa Furman and I am running for City Council in North Branch.  I’m married for 28 years.  I have lived in North Branch since 1995, and work for St. Paul Schools for the last 25 years. I got involved going to the city council meetings 16 years ago. I sat in the audience as a resident watching and learning for 8 years.

Theresa Furman

Elected 8 years ago, I promised myself that I would be the voice of the people. Hopefully that promise has been kept. My philosophy is simple. I was elected by the people to make decisions that the people want.

We need to concentrate on getting jobs, and keeping the businesses we already have. North Branch should NOT be buying and selling land. That is for the private sector not a city.

Financially we need to determine what we NEED vs. what we WANT.  They will not be easy choices, but ones that will need to be made. I have been able to bring up items to cut or lower taxes each of the last seven years. I even brought up the idea to cut City Council pay by 25 percent two years ago.  I will look at every option both pro and con before making a decision. We need to keep taxes low so we can both grow business as well as keep people in their homes.

Between two School Board members and I, we were able to get both the City Council and the School Board together to see if we could come up with cost savings.  We did. Communications between all entities are very important. We all have a stake in knowing what is going on in our community.  I communicate often with both Lora Walker (County Commissioner) and Rick Greene (County Commissioner) both of North Branch as well as other City Council members in other cities around us. When contacted by residents regarding issues I do follow up. Communication with citizens and business owners are very important.  The more everyone knows what is going on the better we all are.

When the City Council bought all of the land for ESSBY I (as a citizen), along with many other citizens pleaded with the council not to buy the land. Unfortunately the City Council then did not listen to the residents they serve. I would not follow in those same footsteps and I have not. When it comes to voting on items, I am the voice of the citizens of North Branch. My own personal feelings are not a priority.  I do however, put in conditions or change wordings so that potential issues would be resolved.

I would like your vote come election day.  Please feel free to contact me at home 651-674-5451 or my e-mail address at [email protected]

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