Mayors, council seats up for election

Many local residents will find their city’s mayor along with two city council seats on voting ballots during the 2012 election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Candidates vying for municipal and school district elections without a primary may file July 31 through Aug. 14. Only North Branch follows the filing period in which a primary is possible. That period closed on June 5.

Stacy residents will be voting for mayor, a two-year term position currently occupied by Mark Utecht, and two city council seats, each a four-year term presently held by Jim Ness and Cindy Bruss.

In Rush City, residents will be selecting mayor, occupied by incumbent Nancy Schroeder, and two city council seats, which are currently held by Michael Louzek and Jamie Amundson.

On the ballot in Harris will be mayor and two city council seats, as well. Incumbents are Diane Miller, mayor, along with Judy Hammerstorm and Rodney Larson.

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