Silly season in politics

To the Editor:

It is getting to be the silly season of politics when the local Democratic heirarchy write politically motivated letters to the editor about our state rep, Bob Barrett, who bailed the state out from under chronic multi-billion dollar state budget deficits.

Last week’s letter, from a local DFL officer (Pam Kling), complained of the tactics used to balance the $6.2 Billion dollar budget deficit yet distorted the facts and failed to acknowledge that the previous legislature (Kalin and Olseen) created the massive deficit in the first place!! These people then left office, running away from the accident they caused!

We now have a $1.2 Billion dollar surplus and a Chisago County unemployment rate that is no longer in double digits thanks to Rep. Barrett.

Nationally, Obama isn’t making tough decisions, instead borrowing money while increasing the national debt by $5 trillion dollars in just 3 years. He’s been a complete failure doing the exact same thing local Democratic elected officials have done in the past and want to do in the future– run up huge deficits while spending too much money – then leaving the cleanup to others who actually understand balance sheets and income statements.

We need to eliminate all the distortions, fibs and lies and have the next election be about facts. The facts are; creating a surplus is much better than creating a deficit and low unemployment is better than high unemployment.

Elise Hiljus, Lindstrom

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