Stacy crosswalk signs gone missing again

By Anne Thom

The Stacy crosswalk signs have been stolen again. The city asked the county for permission to drill into the payment to attach the signs into the street. The county refused.

“So why do we have these,” Councilor Jim Ness asked.

City Clerk sharon Payne explained that a previous council had requested the signs.

Mayor Mark Utecht said that it is there for a reason, there is a crosswalk there and it is state law.

Replacement of the markers costs $360, “and it’s getting kind of expensive,” Payne said.

This is the third time the markers have gone missing.

Mayor Utecht suggested installing an overhead blinker.

Councilor Michael Carlson recalled the city had not purchased that due to expense. Perhaps a solar model could be purchased?

The other option is to request the Sheriff’s office do some enforcement on traffic control and theft.

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