Tigers awarded in fastpitch softball

Rush City fastpitch softball coach Kim Erdman had this to say about the 2012 season:

“A special thank you to volunteers Jason Swenson, Rick Kosloski and Scott Scherer for all their help with the young ladies.

“And, of course, to the athletes who help make coaching so enjoyable. Their hard work and dedication are very much appreciated. This is truly a great bunch of young ladies on and off the field. We wish the best to our seniors Liz Bolejack, Haley Hoffman, Trista Sarago and Danica Schellbach.”

Following are the athletes and their awards for the 2012 season:

All State Academic Award (GPA of 3.75 or higher)

Trista Sarago

All 5A Section

Danica Schellbach

Abby Scherer

Mackenzie Sherrill

Great River Conference Awards


Taniel Schellbach

Abby Scherer

Mackenzie Sherrill

Trista Sarago

All-Conference Honorable Mention

Liz Bolejack

Team Awards

Rookies of the Year Award

Chesney Grant

Hannah Pavek

Most Improved Award

Sammi Herberg

Coach’s Appreciation Award (willing to help in any way, team player, great attitude)

Trista Sarago

Offensive Most Valuable Players

Abby Scherer (.361 batting average)

Trista Sarago (500 on base percentage)

Tiger Award (responsible, tough, consistent, doing the little things to get better)

Miranda Anderson

Defensive Most Valuable Players

Mackenzie Sherrill

Taniel Schellbach

Team Most Valuable Player

Mackenzie Sherrill (struck out 106 batters in 103 innings)

Letter winners


Liz Bolejack (outfielder)

Haley Hoffman (outfielder)

Trista Sarago (first base)

Danica Schellbach (shortstop)


Kayla Forcier (outfielder)

Abby Scherer (catcher)

Mackenzie Sherrill (pitcher)


Kiawna Forcier (catcher)

Taylor Youngblom (pitcher)


Hannah Pavek (outfielder)

Tara Sarago (outfielder)

Taniel Schellbach (third base)


Miranda Anderson (outfielder)

Samantha Herberg (outfielder)

Sydnie Sybrant (outfielder)

Lindsey Williams (second base)


Chesney Grant (pitcher)

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