Also on the agenda: Stacy City Council June 12

• Stacy City Maintenance Supervisor Jon Ehlert  plans to remove playground equipment in Lions Park deemed unsafe and replace it with new, more functional pieces. The new park equipment is scheduled to be installed later this month.

• The council agreed to spend $500 to acquire a permanent easement on the west side ball fields. The land is owned by the Sunrise Estates Mobile Home Park and the park owners mortgage company must consent to the sale.  The city is working to obtain grant funding for improvements in the hopes of hosting a future statewide softball tournament.

• City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer completed changes to a Doyle Field building lease agreement. He added language covering indemnification for serving of alcohol. Ness suggested the lease should be five years and automatically renews unless one party cancels. City use of the building trumps the Lions use of the building. Grundhoefer was asked to make the changes and present the agreement to the Lions.

• A budget work session is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 7 at 7 p.m.

• The council appointed Jim Clay to the vacant regular seat and former councilmember Tony Olivolo to the alternate seat on the city’s planning commission.

• The city of Wyoming, responding to an overture from Stacy, has indicated their police department is neither in a position, nor do they feel it is feasible, to cover the city of Stacy’s public safety need. The council has been exploring the coordination of services with adjacent municipalities as a cost saving measure.

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