Applauds Robinson for running again

To the editor:

I, like Mike Robinson, graduated from Rush City High School. I happily applaud that Mike is once again filing to represent the citizens of the northern part of Chisago County. I am asking others in this district to pay attention to claims by other opponents that they could serve us better.

One person filing lists his residence as a pole shed in Wyoming, Minnesota, but it appears he lives in Wisconsin.

Extremists run for and achieve public office.

Mike uses a common-sense reasonable thinking approach to issues and we have seen good results. He could just give up the good fight and not have himself exposed to vicious attacks and such stupid accusations (recent mailings) that are not worth our reading.

Be aware that there is now a primary on Aug. 14 and then we need to vote for Mike again on Nov. 6 if we want to avoid having someone voted in that would fail to vote with the mindset of what is best for us in Dist. 5.

Susie Elsenpeter

Rush City

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