Cache of drugs found following domestic incident arrest

There’s a numbered list on a criminal complaint detailing the cache of drugs deputies found at a Rush City property following a domestic dispute April 9.

The drugs on that list include three bags of methamphetamine – one with 1.7 grams of the substance, one with .3 grams and one with 2.9 grams – and a bag of marijuana.

In addition to the collection of illegal narcotics, deputies also found a stolen 1989 Chevrolet pickup at the residence.

Thirty-three-year-old Rush City resident Andy Jordan has been charged in Chisago County District Court in connection with possession of the drugs and the stolen vehicle.

Poorly placed pot leads to further search

According to the criminal complaint, someone contacted the Sheriff’s Office at 6:41 p.m. about a verbal domestic situation occurring at the residence in the 51000 block of Elmcrest Avenue.

Deputies arrived to find Jordan yelling inside a pole barn on the property, reportedly because he was upset with his girlfriend. Numerous items had been thrown around the barn.

Jordan’s girlfriend was also at the residence.

She was crying when deputies approached her and she told them she was afraid of Jordan and that he had threatened her.

Subsequently, he was arrested.

Before responding to the domestic incident, deputies received a tip that there might be drugs at the residence.

Just walking around the house, a deputy spotted a bag of green, leafy material, believed to be marijuana, sitting in Jordan’s room.

That find provided the probable cause needed to draft a warrant for a more extensive search.

Deputies later returned with that warrant in hand, and found the aforementioned methamphetamine in a vehicle and hidden in a pole barn.

The stolen truck on the property was reportedly purchased with $700 in methamphetamine and $200 in cash.

Jordan’s girlfriend and a relative at the residence told investigators they were unaware the vehicle was stolen.

Jordan is facing charges of gross misdemeanor domestic assault, third-degree possession of a controlled substance and receiving stolen property.

If convicted on all charges, Jordan could be sentenced to a maximum of 36 years in prison and be ordered to pay over $260,000 in fines.

Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter said Jordan was being held on $50,000 unconditional bail or $30,000 conditional at the Chisago County Jail, but he was furloughed to a treatment setting May 2.

His next court date is July 23 at the Chisago County Courthouse.


More meth, more time

Jennifer Bovitz, the prosecutor handling Jordan’s case, explained the severity of penalties related to methamphetamine charges go up depending upon how much of the drug is determined to be in a person’s possession.

She also noted a prior criminal record adversely affects the charge.

In Jordan’s case, his criminal record increases the amount of potential prison time for the drug charge by 10 years.


Past criminal history

A Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension background check on Jordan turned up a wrap sheet dating back a decade.

Since 2002, Jordan has been found guilty of fifth-degree drug possession, domestic assault, child neglect, check forgery and DWI.

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