Former BP property may go into tax forfeiture

Stacy City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer advised the council earlier in June that the former BP and Stacy convenience store property is eligible for tax forfeiture as it has been in arrears for three years.

“The auditor is looking at that, they take a number of different factors into consideration,” Grundhoefer said.

The county determines the value based on the present condition and a notice is then sent to the city and the city has first right to purchase.

“Anything we can tell the county, it’s clear to me that nothing is going to happen with that property under current ownership,” Mayor Mark Utecht said.

Grundhoefer said a private developer could purchase the property and the council agreed that something needs to be done with the BP, as it has become a nuisance for the city.

In a related item, it was noted that the city received a letter from AMW Corporation’s president Mel Aslakson stating the city has trespassed on AMW property to access the BP property.

Aslakson offered that if the city must access the BP property as city business, the city should make an offer to purchase the land.

The council recalled that it is appropriately using the AMW property as an easement to resolve health and safety issues.

City Clerk Sharon Payne was directed to send a letter in response.

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