Response to June 13 letter

To the editor:

The June 13 letter attacking Republican Representative Bob Barrett was nothing more than the usual and continuing Democrat smoke and mirrors-to wit:

Delayed payments to schools is a Democrat institution.  Democrat Governor Dayton negotiated the 2011 additional delay to provide Democrats with more of your money to spend; and then in 2012 vetoed a Republican bill to pay back the shift, saying using cash to pay off debt was irresponsible.  Irresponsible???

The $800 million tobacco money was similarly negotiated by Democrat Dayton to provide Democrats with more of your money to spend.

The 2012 increase in county property taxes could have easily been avoided by the County Board of Commissioners; Democrats, being keen observers, know this.

And last, but certainly not least, the content and tone of the June 13 letter again demonstrates Democrats will not consider even a measly 1 percent cut in spending your money, not even to pay back the schools.  The schools, for whom Democrats profess to be … so concerned.

David Hardin


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