River Awareness Week is July 13-22

River Awareness Week volunteers help cleanup the St. Croix River.

The St. Croix River is a national treasure, and the St. Croix River Association (SCRA) invites you to celebrate it and help clean it up during River Awareness Week, July 13-22.This weeklong event along the St. Croix River and its tributaries is a great way for people of all ages to experience the amazing gift we have in our own backyard.

The St. Croix River is one of the cleanest tributaries flowing to the Mississippi River, but it’s not without its challenges. There is too much phosphorus, which leads to algae blooms. Many invasive species are creeping in, displacing native plants and animals. These are some big challenges. For one week, the SCRA coordinates efforts to make us all more “river aware,” hoping to build a lasting river connection. People take care of what they love, and everyone has a role in taking care of our water.

A whole week of events kicks off on Friday evening, May 13, in St. Croix Falls, Wis. at Music on the Overlook, a very popular local venue. The first scheduled clean up will be at Wild River State Park, July 14. All scheduled events will be posted at the SCRA website www.stcroixriverassociation.org.

There are multiple ways for to participate. River clean up is a traditional and important part of River Awareness Week. Those who would like to organize a clean up can contact SCRA. Clean ups are just one part of the week. There will be water quality workshops, art projects, and parties along the riverbanks. Anyone organizing another type of event during River Awareness Week can let the SCRA know and the organization will help promote it on its website and through other River Awareness Week communications and press releases.

Interested in learning more or want to organize your own River Awareness event? Contact the SCRA at 715-483-3300 or e-mail [email protected] Visit the SCRA website for the full list of events at www.stcroixriverassociation.org

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