Robinson seeks re-election in District 5

Mike Robinson

I am announcing my intent to seek re-election to the Chisago County Board of Commissioners. I represent District 5 which is made up of the townships of Fish Lake, Nessel and Rushseba, and the cities of Harris, Rush City and, starting this year, the west side of North Branch.

I have worked hard at representing the people of the 5th District. By working together we have improved the roads and bridges in the district with $40 million in projects over the past several years. I am proud of this accomplishment, but we cannot stop now; we still have more to do.

A big part of my job as commissioner is actively participating on committees and attending meetings other than county board sessions. My hard work on the County Water Plan committee was recognized by Governor Dayton when he recently selected me to serve on the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Council. This appointment will help me go even further with my efforts to protect and improve the quality of lake, river and ground water.

I believe in working for and serving our senior citizens. They helped build our county and now is not the time to cut back on their services even with tight budgets.

When the county board considers proposals contrary to my beliefs, I voice my concerns and vote no, even though I may be the only one. One of these times was when the other four commissioners voted to spend over $20,000 for luxury offices for themselves while key items in the budget were being cut. I believe officeholders should never put themselves over their constituent’s well-being.

I have no intention of running for higher office and am not affiliated with a political party. My goal continues to be representing the people of District 5 to the best of my abilities.

If re-elected, I will work hard for better roads, water quality, senior citizens, and holding the line on taxes.

I will also continue to ensure that our district gets its fair share of services.

Finally, I would like the opportunity to keep representing the best people in Chisago County: the good people of the 5th District. See

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