Saying goodbye to Mr. Engler’s opus

The Rush City School Board presented former band teacher Morris

(r to l) Board Chairman Scott Tryon handed the plaque to Engler, coupled with a handshake. Photo by Derrick Knutson

Engler with a plaque at its regular meeting June 21 to commemorate his 25 years of teaching at the school.

“Thank you so much for your years of service,” Board Chairman Scott Tryon said to the recent retiree. “I know you’ve touched a lot of kids with your musical prowess and inspired them.”

Superintendent Vern Koepp, who started at the district the same year as Engler, echoed the sentiment expressed by Tryon.

“You’ve certainly had an impact on a lot of kids over the years,” he said.

Koepp noted Engler was named a Walmart Teacher of the Year in 2008.

Engler humbly accepted the honor bestowed upon him by the board.

“I certainly miss being here,” he said, adding, “Watch Mr. Holland’s Opus – that is truly what goes on in the band room. It’s not too far from the truth.”

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