Area mayors proclaim Paint the Town Purple

(l to r): Mayors Bob Gustafson of Chisago City, Eric Peterson of Wyoming, Michael Buchite of Taylors Falls, Jill Benke of Center City, Amy Oehlers of North Branch, Nancy Schroeder of Rush City, and Keith Carlson of Lindstrom with the Paint the Town Purple banner. Photo supplied

The mayors in all the county’s towns came together and proclaimed Paint the Town Purple for the days of July 11-14. They are encouraging all the stores, offices, restaurants and homes to take on a new purple hue in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life at the Almelund Threshing Grounds July 20-21.

Purple symbolizes hope and is the universal color for all cancer. Paint the Town Purple is an effort to increase awareness about the Relay.

Stores are encouraged to decorate their windows with a purple display, decorate their front entrance, fence and doors with purple balloons and ribbons; offices are encouraged to decorate the cubicles or office areas with purple balloons, purple streamers and other purple items such as purple flower arrangements or purple static clings in their windows.

Staff are encouraged to wear purple wrist bands, purple lapel ribbons, purple clothes and give out purple candy to their clients.

Restaurants are encouraged to have purple decorations in their windows, use purple menus, tablecloths, purple candles and have purple flower arrangements in their facilities. Staff are encouraged to wear something purple, get purple wrist bands or purple lapel ribbons.

Chefs are encouraged to create a purple drink, a purple dish or have a night where a portion of the proceeds go towards the Relay for LIfe. Placemats, table tents, banners and Relay For Life posters are available by calling Martha Arnold, 651-428-1795.

Families are encouraged to put purple ribbons, balloons and decorations in their yards and change their outdoor lights to purple.

Everyone in the county is encouraged to wear purple next week from Wednesday-Saturday, July 11-14. Be creative, have fun and donate to the Relay at

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