Barrett fixed the car wrecked by the previous Legislature

To the editor:

To the letter writer from a couple of weeks ago who graded Rep. Barrett poorly for cleaning up a huge financial mess he was left with. I have a couple of words for you … WAKE UP!

Not just wake up but understand what is going on in our country. Understand what a mess we have in Washington D.C., where President Obama broke the bank trying and failing to stimulate the economy. Regarding grades, get real. Obama has been a total failure doing the identical thing that resulted in a huge budget deficit in Minnesota before the last election — spend, spend, spend. Did you happen to know that Minnesota is second in the nation with the overall highest taxes across the board, and Connecticut being number one.

Wake up and understand that former Rep. Kalin and former Sen. Olseen drove the state’s car into the ditch in so many ways: Green Acres repeal, higher gas taxes, higher sales taxes, higher property taxes, year after year state budget deficits, extremely high unemployment, green energy mandates that increased cost for all our families… It goes on and on and on.

Wake up and understand that instead of having over 3,000 people out of work in Chisago County as we have had far too often over the past four years, we now have less than 2,000 people out of work. Instead of a Chisago County unemployment rate of above 11 percent as we had just two years ago, we now have an unemployment rate less than 7 percent (April 2012). Instead of the $6.2 billion budget deficit that Olseen and Kalin left us with, Rep. Barrett turned it into a $1.2 billion surplus. (Source: Dayton administration).

Wake up and put your partisan politics aside to understand the facts. The failing grades go to the BIG SPENDERS who never met a budget they didn’t raise: Obama, Kalin and Olseen.

Alex Bates

North Branch

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