Burden after burden

To the editor:

It is my understanding that Stacy has the same engineer as Harris. He and Rick Smission (former Harris mayor) bankrupted Harris with a new well (the old one could have been repaired) wastewater and water treatment plants. Besides the burden of having to pay for all of this, we have to hire and pay for a special engineering firm to run and maintain it all.

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Doris Gilquist


  • jack101

    Would not vote for this guy if the world depended on it! He can’t govern a small town and the town of Harris is bankrupt over it!! What makes anyone think he can govern in the county?

  • Why?

    Why would anyone believe that former Harris mayor Rick Smisson single-handedly constructed the wastewater treatment facilities? Harris does have a city council who votes on such issues. Perhaps the truth lies in the downturn of the economy and not in Smisson’s attempts to bring Harris out of the Dark Ages.

  • Mike

    Why, I think anyone that was on that council including Rick Smission should be held accountable for the soaring water and sewer rates in that town. I own a business in Harris, and my water bill for two months was a whopping $1,025.76!! Very little research was done for grant funding or long term costs to residents or business. They just went and did it and the few that are up there are the ones paying these outragous costs to cover it.

  • Why?

    Mike; Why not explore the feasibility and cost of a private well or a combination private well/city water solution to reduce your city water usage needs?

  • Mike

    Why, I don’t think you can when you have a city hook up. Otherwise we all would be. Wish it where possible though.

  • Why?

    Mike; Why not request a variance from the City of Harris if a private well meets your needs?

  • jack

    Why, variances are very hard to come by for things like that. Especially in a small town where the town depends on the small businesses to pay there bills. By the way, why is Harris paying almost $150,000 for a company to come and service there water station. Can’t they contract with North Branch and get by alot cheaper?? I know they have looked into it!