Slowing down expansion of Medicaid

To the editor:

The ObamaCare law recently upheld by the Supreme Court adds 21 new taxes on the American people. It is the largest tax increase in history. People were led to believe that ObamaCare meant they were getting free health care. That was a lie. At least 50% of the American people oppose this law. The act of choosing not to buy health insurance will be taxed and that tax will gradually increase with the IRS being in charge of enforcement. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to see what was in it. Now we know!

Thanks to Governor Dayton, Minnesota is ahead of other states in implementing ObamaCare. The expansion of Medicaid, the component of the law that was struck down by the courts, has already begun with Governor Dayton adding 100,000 new enrollees the court says the state now does not have to add. The only way Minnesota can slow down and hopefully stop this expansion is to re-elect State Senator Sean Nienow and State Representative Bob Barrett to the Minnesota Legislature. To elect their opponents risks putting the Democrats back into control of the Legislature to fully implement ObamaCare and all of Dayton’s other big spending agenda and intrusion into our private lives.

Just as we elected State Sen. Sean Nienow and State Rep. Bob Barrett to take the inherited democratic $5.2 deficit to a $1.2 surplus, we need them to defend against ObamaCare in Minnesota.

Elise Hiljus


(Franconia Township)

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