Sunday Night – My reverie

A week ago I was sitting on a deck overlooking Star Lake and listening to the silence of daybreak. No boat motors interrupted my reverie, only the grunts and croaks of bullfrogs and twitter of birds in the pines overhead.

The view from my deck.

A seagull squawked awkwardly as it made rounds over the little bay in front of me. It was looking for yesterday’s leftovers on the surface of the lake.

Now and again a fish would break the mirror-like surface of that pretty lake, sending out kaleidoscope ripples. There were times during the week that we’d get excited about that surface motion believing it indicated the presence of big, exciting fish. But more often than not, I think all it was, was a sunny playing tag with a dragonfly.

The sun was warm on my face; it browned my skin a little during the week and put a few more streaks of silver in my hair. At least I’d like to believe that’s the reason for this aging phenomena.

Didn’t have to go anywhere in particular, didn’t have to do anything in particular.

There were no meetings and no deadlines last week, only that which came Saturday morning when we had to vacate the cabin by 9 a.m.

Didn’t bring too much stuff with so I didn’t have too much stuff to have to pack up and take home.

It was the laziest of weeks … and so very much needed.

I wish I could have taken you all with me, but then, the serenity I found on that deck in the early morning wouldn’t have been so peaceful.

I would have felt obliged to show you the chipmunk that visited us daily, or the painted turtles that left the water to lay their eggs, or the still-spotted fawn that came down the drive on Sunday. I would have to show you where the snake slithered in the grass by the pine tree under which I sat.

I would have felt obliged to take you to the bay where the grandson caught his first keeper northern, or the place I caught my nice bass.

I would have had to offer seats on that small deck to all of you so you too could bask in the sun and do exactly what I was doing – nothing. Beautiful, wonderful nothing.

It was a good week and I thank Jon and Derrick for allowing me to be away from the office by handling the task of putting out the Post Review last week.

Do-nothing, lazy day weeks like that don’t come around very often.

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