He says we like ObamaCare

To the Editor:

The majority of the citizens in the 8th District support ObamaCare. The Affordable Health Care Act of 2009 shows that Obama does care. It took over 100 years to pass meaningful health care reform and yet Cravaack wants to repeal it. It has tried 33 times and hasn’t accomplished it. At the same time, the House hasn’t passed Obama’s Job Creation bill. In fact, it hasn’t voted on it once. Interestingly, ObamaCare is modeled after a similar act passed and signed by Governor Romney, except in the federal act it is illegal to use federal funds to pay for an abortion, and in Romney’s version, abortions were a mandated service.

Cravaack hosts pre-screened teleconferences, giving the false impression that he listens to the voters in our district. I have listened to several and tried to ask questions. Cravaack, also says he would support some of the features of ObamaCare, e.g. coverage of adult children to age 26.  What about all the other positive features in the act, e.g. can’t deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, expanded drug coverage for seniors, help for small businesses that cannot afford to provide coverage to their employees, and coverage for 45 million Americans without coverage and improved coverage for most Americans.

Ok, so the Republicans don’t want to give Obama credit. On the other hand, Cravaack is acting like an ideologue on this issue and his teleconference tactics are fraudulent.

Bob Walz, North Branch

  • Bonnie

    Thank you for your common sense. The republicans keep saying they want to repeal the new healh care law, but they don’t say what they will do instead. I think we should all marvel at the hippocracy. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I hope others can see it as clearly and vote for our own good.

    • michele Lentz

      If you don’t know the reforms the Republicans have offered then you are not paying attention or looking beyond the mainstream media filter. Allow insurance to be purchased across state lines to increase market competition and choices. Reform torte law to reduce frivolous lawsuits, clean up the fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program and the list goes on.

      The main point is not lost on most Americans. Obamacare is the largest tax in history and an incredible federal power grab.

  • jack

    Mr Walz,
    I have met no one in the 8th district that is for this!! Get out of the fantasy world you live in and get back to reality! Better yet why don’t you run for something seening as you know all the answers and know what everyone wants!