Takes time to fix an older home

This month the Stacy City Council granted a permit extension to city resident Ken Cummings who is making improvements to a home that dates to 1856.

Cummings received a letter from Building Inspector Jack Kramer saying that because Cummings has already received two extensions, Kramer can go no further in allowing additional time for work to be completed.

City ordinance places a ceiling on the number of extensions allowed and it has been met.

Cummings pleaded his case with the council, saying he has been working with Kramer and explaining he cannot afford to hire a contractor to finish the work.

Of his older home, Cummings said there are ties on this property directly to Dr. Stacy B. Collins., founder of Stacy.

Cummings said he has been careful and slow, so as not to destroy anything of historical significance.

Councilor Chuck Lucia wanted to allow Cummings another 90 days to complete work on the roof.

Councilor Michael Carlson said, “At some point when you run up against your permit, you have to hire a professional.”

He opposed an extension.

Mayor Mark Utecht thought there might be legal implications to allowing this.

Still the mayor made a motion to offer an extension on the existing permit to Oct. 31, 2012 so Cummings can at least finish work on the roof. The motion passed.

In other news

• The Stacy City Council approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) request for outside storage for Craig Kozar and Tim Cashill for their Stacy Self Storage business. The council stated nine conditions that must be followed including landscaping and security.

In addition a resolution authorizing gambling for Stacy Lent Volunteer Fire Department Relief Association was approved and includes a provision allowing the sale of raffle tickets through Aug. 31, 2013.

• City Maintenance Supervisor Jon Ehlert reported a lightning strike to the water tower has cost the city $3,000 for repair or replacement of pump controls and computerized monitoring systems. The lightning strike took out the water sensor. Councilor Jim Ness asked if the damage is covered by insurance and Payne was asked to look into it.

• City Engineer Chuck Schwartz reported a survey is complete on a water treatment plant site south of city hall. Wetlands were delineated and maps and plans were submitted to the county for approval. Schwartz is in the process of doing soil borings and getting tests done.

• City Attorney Peter Grundhoefer reported that the outstanding water bill for the irrigation system in the Foxtail Woods development is still an issue. He had contacted the bank that had taken over the delinquent former homeowners association and the bank is unwilling to pay the bill. The Stacy council had agreed to waive late fees and interest if the bank paid the principal. Councilor Ness went ahead and made a motion to waive late charges and fees for any property owner who sets up a payment plan by Aug. 31 and to refund late fees to any resident who has already paid the interest and penalties. The council approved this and is uncertain what to do regarding the principal, $28,000.

• Mayor µark Utecht announced that while the city has tried to come to agreement, union negotiations have stalled. “This is not privileged information but, the negotiations broke down, so there are no more negotiations scheduled and it is my expectation the union will apply for mediation,” Utecht announced. Utecht was unsure of what would occur next or when the parties might resume negotiations.

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