He’s done a lot of good for Dist. 5

To the editor:

I guess I need to expect to see negative campaigning during an election year. But the flyers I got in my Rush City mail about County Commissioner Mike Robinson have got to be an all-time low. They are too disgusting for words, and the writer should be ashamed of himself.

I have known Mike Robinson for many years. He is honest and pretty much speaks his mind. And he has done a lot of good for this part of Chisago County ever since he first got elected.

A lot of county roads in Harris and Rush City, and in the townships, have been improved due to Mike’s efforts.

The new radio tower in Nessel Township is another example of Mike’s hard work. He does a lot for seniors and the everyday Joe while still looking out for the county’s money.

There are more examples, but if you know Mike, you know what he has done.

The flyers accomplished one thing, I will be sure to vote on August 14 so the guy who writes this garbage never gets close to having any power in this county.

Rick Hurley

Rush City

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