Keep Minnesota going in the right direction

To the editor:

Recently the May revenue figures came out for Minnesota and once again the numbers were positive and showed a higher than projected surplus.

Here is further proof that the effort by the legislature to pay back entirely their portion of the school shift and begin paying the larger portion incurred under the Democrats was a responsible action, yet the governor vetoed it.

What was his rationale for vetoing the early payback to the school systems? He claimed that it wouldn’t be fiscally responsible to leave the state reserves at only $223 million.

This is strange since the same governor proposed a supplemental budget last year leaving reserves at only $95 million cash flow and $8.7 in reserve for a total of $103.7 million.

How many more surpluses do we have to bank before the governor stops denying our school districts the money we owe them?

His veto of not one, but two tax reform bills, which would have encouraged capital expansion in industry and small businesses and given property owners in need of property tax relief, was so transparently politically driven it was embarrassing.

The legislature is moving the state in a good direction. Our employment numbers are among the best of all 50 states and our continuing surpluses show that common sense, responsible budget management is giving confidence to businesses.

We’re on the right path. Re-elect Sen. Sen Nienow to keep Minnesota going in the direction of prosperity.

Richard Thompson

Rush City

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