Off to a life of wedded bliss

It’s been a year in the making and now it’s only a couple days away.

There’s been an ample amount of searching for venues, hemming and hawing over various details and a few arguments with family members.

But everything has come together nicely and now I’m ready to marry the love of my life.

Honestly – as much as my mom would probably slap me upside the head for writing this – I didn’t really think I’d get married.

After a couple of failed relationships, I just felt content to live the single life. My one-bedroom apartment, modest job and a “there’s no harm in throwing every item of clothing I own into the washing machine at one time to save a couple bucks on laundry” mentality were seemingly enough for me.

But then Jill walked into my life and so many things changed – drastically – for the better.

I was tentative at first, thinking it was one of those “this is too good to be true” aspects of life, but the more time I spent with her the more I realized that wasn’t the case.

We share a lot of the same interests – we both enjoy biking, cross-country skiing and the occasional bit of brash humor, just to name a few – but that’s not what bonds us together.

It’s something deeper than that, which, to me at least, is almost unexplainable.

Pardon my acronym, but for years I thought it was BS when someone would say, “When you find the one, you’ll know.”

I thought that phrase sounded like a corny adage someone lifted out of a romance novel or sappy movie.

However, now I’ve found it’s true.

Proposing to her was an easy decision, even if the act of the proposal turned out to be somewhat less than effortless (I had a big speech all written out in my head, but I think what came out was some guttural uttering, coupled with the question: “Will you marry me?” thrown in there somewhere).

Thankfully, she saw past the nervousness and the rest is history.

I’m looking forward to making some more history with her this Saturday, Aug. 4 – I’m writing down the date of the nuptials in this column so I can refer back to it over the years.

Pretty smooth move, if you ask me. No forgotten anniversaries here, folks.

When she walks down that aisle, radiant and covered in white, I’m sure I’m going to be a sweaty, nervous mess, but it will be a joyful sweaty nervousness.

I’ll have a tuxedo jacket to cover up the pit stains, so it’s all good.

I’m excited for the start of our lives together, learning more about Jill and having my best friend by my side nearly everyday.

There will be difficult times, I’m sure, but I’m prepared to face them, head on, with her.

When we’re old and gray, maybe we’ll look back at this bit of writing and Jill will say, “Remember when you used to be romantic?”

I love you, babe.

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