Playing for the love of the game


Just because you’ve graduated and didn’t become a pro doesn’t mean you have to give up that dream of playing football.

The semi-professional football team Lakes Area Terror is young, hungry and looking for recruits from this area.

The Terror history dates back to 2000, when the Twin Cities Terror went undefeated with a 7-0-1 record, won the championship and was listed with the American Football Association as having the number one defense in the nation, with their offense coming in as a close second.

But because of its name, out of respect after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks the Twin Cities Terror disbanded.

Then Rick Axtell one of the original teams founders decided it was time for the team to play once more and the Lakes Area Terror was formed, playing its first game in 2010.

The Terror is part of the Midwest Premiere Semi Pro Football League and played against seven teams from different areas of Minnesota this past season, with 10 teams scheduled to participate next season.

The team is associated with the Central State Football League which gives them the opportunity to play for National Championships.

One of the highlights of the football season is the chance for players to be named to the All-Star team and play in Las Vegas.

The Terror has an excellent coaching staff which includes North Branch traveling football and assistant soccer coach Larry (Sonny) Stephens as the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator.

Home is the beautiful artificial turf field at Chisago Lakes Area High School, where it’s hoped the stands will be filled with cheering spectators next season.

The team is supported by sponsors and fundraising as well as many volunteers.

Players are required to be 18 or older, pay a one-time fee and buy their own equipment. A true passion for the game is a must since players are not paid.

Tryouts for next year’s Terror team is coming up soon, so if you want to play some real football and want more information, go to the team’s website at, or if you just want to watch good adult athletes play hard hitting football for only the love of the game, check their website calendar updates for next season’s game schedule.

— Slideshow photos by Victoria Dahlin

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