So he can continue his work

To the editor:

As an advanced practice nurse and a taxpayer I am on the receiving as well as paying ends of health care dollars. Minnesota’s handling of its Medicaid program is the target of at least three federal investigations.

The issue is whether for the last 10 years Minnesota has been getting more federal dollars than allowed and using them to subsidize a state program that was losing money.

Sen. Sean Nienow was instrumental in asking questions and proposing legislation to audit the programs.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will expand Medicaid program, therefore it is imperative that Medicaid be reformed to stop waste and possible fraudulent spending of our taxes, hard earned money that you and I pay.

Minnesota has some of the lowest Medicare costs in the country but our Medicaid costs are the second highest in the nation. The same HMOs companies run both programs.

The fact is that the HMOs self audit and self report. Public programs must be accountable and transparent for there to be integrity with our taxes.

Sen. Nienow understands this and is exactly who we need to finally get to the bottom of what has happened to tens of billions of dollars over the past decade. When rates paid to the HMOs go up every year, while providers reimbursement remains flat for a decade something is seriously wrong. Re-elect Sean Nienow to the MN Senate so that he can continue his work.

Dale R Buisman

North Branch

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