Thinking about running for school board?

Superintendent at North Branch Public Schools Deb Henton

Three seats on the NBAPS school board are open this fall and I would like to encourage all to consider taking part in the democratic process and running for election. Our democracy works best when a robust discussion of ideas is presented to voters.

If you are considering running for the school board, you must be at least 21 years of age, an eligible voter, a resident of our district for at least 30 days, must not be a convicted felon whose civil rights have not been restored, and must not earn more than $8,000 annually as a district employee.

As a school board member, you will represent the community to ensure effective, efficient, and equitable delivery of high quality education. You will have a say in making policy, setting school district goals, and engaging our constituents.

Being a school board member is a very important job. Perhaps the most important role is in shaping contract negotiations with the school district’s multiple bargaining units. Also, you will serve as a communicator with the public and as an advocate for our kids at the state level.

Some of the qualities that make a good school board member include a passion about education, a motivation to do what is best for students, an ability to make difficult decisions, the willingness to listen to and consider a variety of points of view, and the capability to function as part of a team.

The filing period opens on July 31 and anyone interested in the school board is encouraged to file an affidavit of candidacy (the cost is $2). Call Arle Chambers at (651) 674-1011 with any questions about the process. Of course, my door is always open to you as well, to discuss any aspect of sitting on the school board.

I hope to hear from you and I look forward to a great election season.

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