What is so radical?

To the editor:

I recently received, in my mailbox, a political ad for a woman running in hopes of representing the 8th congressional district as our congressperson.  What struck me was her red bullet point promising to protect against Tea Party radicals working to turn back the clock.

Can someone explain to me: what is so radical about getting rid of waste and fraud in government; expecting our tax dollars to be used wisely and not to overfeed the government pig; reducing the size and intrusiveness of government; expecting government to not spend more than it takes in; and to not raise taxes until the aforementioned issues have been addressed and corrected?

When did personal responsibility, self reliance, self control, living within our means (personal or governmental), love of God and love of country become radical?  If those things are radical, than I have to admit to being a Tea Party radical.  And, I’ll continue to vote for those people who share my values… Congressman Chip Cravaack, State Representative Bob Barrett and State Senator Sean Nienow.

Thank you gentleman for working to hold back the clock on unnecessary and wasteful spending and for your efforts to bring back prosperity to America and Minnesota.

Carolyn Alm

Chisago City

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