Master Gardener: Get questions answered at the Threshing Show

I have written many articles while I have been a Chisago County Master Gardener.  Two of the topics of most interest are weeds and insects. The problem with both of these is that they are difficult to identify without a picture or seeing them in person.

Another problem is that there are so many newly identified weeds and insects that have become known in the past few years.

Please come and visit us at the Almelund Threshing Show Friday, Aug. 10 through Sunday, Aug. 12.

If you have weeds, insects, or other garden problems, bring a picture of them or better yet, put them in a ziplock bag and bring then with you to the Threshing Show.

I coordinate the Master Gardeners who work at the show and believe me when I say that they will find an answer to your yard and garden problems.

We are located on the east end of the Threshing grounds by the old Court House in our very unique pioneer building. Hope to see you there!

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