Northwoods Humane Society may have to close its door

Northwoods Humane Society (NHS) has provided many services to Chisago County, Washington County, and surrounding communities since opening in 2000.

They have been there for community members in their times of need, whether they have no other choice but to surrender their beloved pet or they are simply trying to save a stray animal by getting them somewhere safe.

When they arrive at Northwoods, the animals receive the medical attention and love they need to re-home them into a new loving family.

Northwoods’ other services include assisting low income families with low cost, high quality spays and neuters or information involving their pets or at-risk pets.

However, due to the economic climate driving down donations, and the expenses for animals and their building rising, Northwoods is at high risk of having to close the shelter.

“We are pinching pennies where we can with seeking low cost medical supplies, surgeries, cleaning supplies, and so forth to ensure that we are using your donations as conscientiously as possible,”  said Brenda Zelinka, executive director of the NHS.

“With all these efforts in place, the hard fact is if we do not obtain this boost of donations and continue with sustaining funds, our doors will have to close by the end of 2012.”

It the facility closes, it will leave approximately 1,500 animals normally cared for in one year with nowhere to go and no second chance.

Northwoods is asking supporters to consider a monetary donation, whether that be an annual donation, monthly pledge, or sponsorship of an animal.

If you have room in your home and heart for another furry friend, consider adopting a pet.

If you have any questions, contact Brenda Zelinka at 651-982-0240, ext. 14 or Charlotte Ihrke at 651-982-0240, ext. 12.

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