Harris may consider options for handling WWTF

By Clark Natalie

In July, Craig Moline, a local resident, spoke to the Harris City Council about the renewal of the upcoming contract with Peoples Service.

Moline stressed the need to contact other agencies that are licensed to handle a wastewater treatment plant like Harris’ and could get competitive bids.

Moline said he had spoken to members of the North Branch Council, along with their public works department and said they were interested in a joint effort.

North Branch operates its own system and could possibly work out an arrangement to operate the Harris system with a cost saving measure for both cities.

Councilman Randy Carlson asked about specifics, numbers and amounts.

Moline said that the exact details hadn’t been discussed, just the willingness to review the option.

Carlson noted that when the time came to consider the renewal of the contract to operate the WWTF, all options would be investigated.

Councilman John Rossini asked Peoples Service representative Paul Christianson about a detailed list of those items that Peoples Service provides that aren’t in the contract.

Christianson said that when it is time to renew the contract, Peoples can provide those items to make sure the proposed bids are similar.  Christianson noted some items as the locates for the water services to the houses.

The city was to provide detailed maps to aide in locating the services.  Since none were available, the Peoples representative has been on his own in locating the turn ons.

Also, when the system needed to be cleaned out, the contract called for Peoples to arrange for competent companies to be located and help with the bid process.

Instead, Harris rented the machine from another city and the Peoples representative helped in the operation, at no additional cost.

When the change in maintenance personnel left no one to mow the WWTF and WTP, the Peoples representative took it upon himself to make sure the grounds were mowed.

Christianson said Peoples has always worked with city personnel to go out of their way to be good neighbors.

It was decided that when it was time to compare options for renewal of the contract to operate the utility system, a committee will be set up and the discussion will be held at a public meeting, so all residents can attend to hear the proposals.

The next Harris Council meeting is Monday, Aug. 13, 7 p.m. at City Hall.


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