School News: Much to be pleased about in test results

By Deb Henton, Ed.D.


If you haven’t heard, our test results for 2011-12 have been released to the public and we are largely pleased with the progress we have made in the last year.

Our reading and writing results were expected; we continue to outpace state averages in both categories. Writing proficiency is over 90 percent and reading is over 80 percent. This speaks well of students, staff, and families and all are to be congratulated for such a strong performance.

Math results are something that the school district, like so many others, has struggled with in the past and our results show that the things we are doing to address those scores are having a positive affect.

Students at Sunrise River School improved math scores by 7 percent, and the middle school increased by over 10 percent! Scores dipped at the high school by about 9 percent, but to some degree that was expected across the state with the introduction of a more difficult test last year.

We will be offering a fundamental algebra intervention that will help students with abstract algebra skills, a math lab that will serve as “temporary” help for students who just need a little boost, and a GRAD math course specifically designed to assist students with this all important measure.

High school staff have done a great job being proactive and getting these interventions in place for the coming year, and we are confident they will have the desired affect … more students achieving proficiency on these all important state benchmarks.

If you receive a letter and have any questions, please call the high school. We strongly encourage students who have been identified as needing these supports to take advantage of them.

Math is an all important skill not just for school but for life as a whole. Together we are making sure that are students are as prepared as possible for a job market that will likely be challenging for years to come.

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