Free support for parents of teenagers

Every Thursday evening between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m., Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau at 244 N. Lake Street in Forest Lake is hosting a free, drop-in Parent Support Meeting.

Jackie Hays, Parent Education & Support Coordinator, will be on hand to discuss your parenting situation with you and give you ideas, resources and assistance to help you decide how to handle it. Just come in, sit down and place your concerns on the table for discussion.

Other parents in attendance are also a good resource to draw upon.

Issues that have been discussed include: truancy, setting reasonable consequences, following through with expectations, ways to effectively communicate with your teen, and recognizing your strengths as parents.

Call Jackie Hays at 651-464-3685 for more information. Hays is also available to talk with you by phone – or send her an e-mail with your questions/concerns: [email protected]

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