Distortions and distractions

To the Editor:

Distortions, distractions, fibs, folly, and lies, this according to all of the recent attack letters published in the papers these past few months, and now last week’s letter, once again attacking Rep Bob Barrett. Is this the real face of the Chisago county DFL party? Is this all you have?  Please tell us all you have something of substance.

It is obvious that some democrats have nothing positive to say so they spew bilge filled with distortions, and distractions in these letters to editors that really only contribute to the public’s discourse who are working or not working in a difficult economy to improve their lives.  To democrats I ask… is this how you think your party should act?  Are these the values you stand for? Gramps used to tell us, “ if you cannot say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.“

As for the job of Rep. Barrett representing Chisago county residents in St. Paul, these past 2 years, he along with his associates in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate have come to now manage a $1.2 Billion dollar state budget surplus (source: Dayton administration) after four years of ever-increasing budget deficits in addition to a state unemployment rate of 5.6 percent that is 33 percent lower than the national average, when all is said and done, trumps the bilge that liberals are trying to sell to Chisago County folks these days.  My vote continues to go for responsible government — ie. Rep Barrett.

Peter Schaps, North Branch

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