Kids and schools need their voices

To the Editor:

When the North Branch Schools levy didn’t pass, the school board had to think of another way to get the $400,000-plus the levy would have brought in. State Representative Bob Barrett and State Senator Sean Nienow gave the school district the flexibility to use approximately $500,000 (actual amount is a percentage of the school budget – not a set amount) towards classroom needs when they voted to remove the staff development mandate on school districts.

Now our local schools can decide for themselves how to spend their limited resources with one less mandate from the state’s control.

Nienow and Barrett also passed legislation to provide for fair and balanced negotiations for all parties involved in district contracts. These are just two examples of education reforms that benefited Chisago County Schools.

When Sean and Bob went to St. Paul to be the voice for Chisago County (and Isanti County for Sen. Nienow), they stood up to the Minneapolis special interest groups and took a strong stand for our kids and our schools. This is the representation we want and need in Chisago County.

Send Nienow and Barrett back to the Minnesota Legislature in November. Voting for the Democrat opponents is voting to put Minneapolis special interests back in charge of the House and Senate; those interests usually benefit Saint Paul and Minneapolis students at the cost to counties like Chisago and Isanti (up to $7,000 per pupil).

Vote for Bob Barrett and Sean Nienow – our kids and schools need their voices.

Trisha Funni, North Branch

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