Representation at its finest

To the Editor:

Chisago County has fabulous representation in the Minnesota Legislature with Representative Bob Barrett. Knowing that Democrat Governor Mark Dayton would veto many of the budgetary improvements the Republican lead House and Senate wanted to pass. Representative Barrett worked with house members on both sides of the aisle to pass legislation the governor would support. As a result Chisago County schools saw a $50 increase per pupil per year.

In addition to the increased school funding. Barrett and the MN House passed reforms improving local school district control of budget decisions.

The increased flexibility and local decision making keeps the education of Chisago County students in the hands of the people who care the most, their parents and their teachers.

Bob Barrett also authored and passed the synthetic drug ban which further protects children from the dangers of these harmful drugs.

This is representation at its finest. In their first two years Barrett and the Republican lead legislature have made great progress bringing prosperity and opportunity to our county. If we don’t send Bob Barrett back to the MN House we will not have this key person to continue to defend us against the high taxing government intrusion into our lives, which comes from a liberal governor left unchecked by common sense and fiscal discipline. Vote for Bob Barrett this November.

Alex Bates, North Branch

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