Become a Hidden Hero or mentor today

Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau is offering two fantastic opportunities for adults to volunteer with youths.

A “Hidden Hero” is a mystery match pen pal program linking youths to caring adults for the 2012-2013 school year.  Adult “Hidden Heroes” write letters to youth at least once a month. The letters can contain information about yourself (as long as the youth cannot identify you) or anything that would be encouraging/supportive, for example, a poem, quote, story, your thoughts, etc.  Youths do not find out the identity of their adult match until the reveal party held in May, only the excitement of opening up a message each month. Youth will feel valued, encouraged and supported.

You can also become a mentor in the “Making Connection Mentoring Program” where you have an opportunity to build a positive and encouraging relationship with youths between the ages of 10-17.  Mentors meet with their mentee two times a month for a minimum of six months according to a schedule determined by the mentor/mentee.

Good candidates to be mentors are adults who can be a positive role model, want to connect with youths in the community, are patient and willing to listen and like to have fun.

LAYSB believes that volunteers are a very important part of their programs.  Because of this, a screening process has been developed for all potential volunteers.  They will provide you with all the training and support that you will need to make a positive impact.

They are also seeking youths for these two programs.

For more information or to request a volunteer application, contact Andria Flaherty at Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau at 651-464-3685 or [email protected]

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