Chisago City Fire Department on display

Pictured is the 1929 fire engine which the Chisago City Fire Department still owns and operates – although just in parades. Photo supplied

For the next several months, the Chisago County Historical Society has an expanded display about the Chisago City Fire Department at the Chisago County Government Center.

This year, the Chisago City Fire Department is celebrating 100 years of service to the local area.

They had their anniversary celebration in early August.

The volunteer fire department of Chisago met for the first time on March 19, 1912.  Fifteen men signed up as firefighters.  They started out with two chemical engines, two 30-foot extension ladders, two shorter ladders, two fire axes, a crowbar, a ladder cart, and 24 galvanized iron pails.

Today’s Chisago City consists of parts of the village of Deer Garden, the Old Towne village of Chisago, the new village of Chisago which appeared after the railroad came through, and parts of the former township of Wyoming. Chisago City was formally incorporated in 1906.

For additional information or clarifications, contact Sherry Stirling, executive director Chisago County Historical Society at 651-257-5310 or cell 651-238-2955.

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