Conservation Notes: Don’t miss Children’s Water Festival

The 10th annual Children’s Water Festival is set for Friday, Sept. 28.  Each year the festival hosts around 750 kids, which means that since 2003 more than 6,500 students have learned the important role that healthy water in Chisago County plays in our daily lives.

The water festival mission: to provide a quality hands-on learning opportunity to teach the importance of water to all living things.

The county’s name of Chisago was derived from the Native American words Ki-Chi-Saga, which means fair and lovely waters. Holding a festival for fifth graders gives us an opportunity to teach them to be good stewards of our water resources and more fully appreciate our county’s heritage and why our forefathers chose to settle at Ki-Chi-Saga.

We want the children to have a fun day, but also to have them come away with an appreciation of our water resources. Kids will learn about such things as amphibians, fish, erosion, ground water and surface water while playing games and interacting with our presenters. There is no better time or opportunity to create additional water quality advocates and stewards.

This year the festival will be held at Camp Ojiketa in Chisago City.  There are a lot of people who work very hard to make sure the kids have a great day, from the planning committee, presenters (who include student teachers from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls), to all of the volunteers from throughout the county.

And volunteers are still needed, so for more information on how you could become involved or to see photos from past events, log onto the Chisago SWCD website at or contact Susan Humble at 651-674-2333.

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