Questions council actions

To the Editor:

Nasty politics or lack of professionalism in NB. How does one member of the City Council in more than one open meeting 1) reduce another member to tears, 2) ask another silent member if she/he is going to “second my motion,” 3) after voting a motion decides they made a mistake and changes the vote (is that legal?), 4) can stall or otherwise delay a meeting not going the way the council member wanted and 5) miss many meetings for whatever reason and still collect the full amount of recompense?

Janet Lasch, North Branch

  • Resident

    Does this letter writer care to enlighten us as to which council member they’re speaking of? This is pretty vague……as far as I know the only council member who has been consistently absent has been our Mayor. It’s pointless to write a letter as vague as this if you’re hoping to influence the upcoming election. I’ve attended many city council meetings and there is indeed dysfunction, however, my opinion of who is the cause of that may be different from yours.