Support for Rep. Cravaack

To the Editor:

With the upcoming U.S. House of Representatives District 8 election in November, we need to be aware of attempts by an Alliance for a Better Minnesota (ABM) to defeat our Rep. Chip Cravaack.  ABM is a political group funded by the Rockefeller family.  Alida Rockefeller Messinger has vowed to spend big money defeating Minnesota’s conservative Republicans in the statehouse and the U.S. Congress.  Messinger has just contributed $500,000 to ABM with more to follow.

It would be a shame to let a Rockefeller defeat Rep. Cravaack.  After only two years in office, Chip has developed a reputation for access, pursuing economic development with good paying jobs, and supporting reforms so that Medicare may survive as a program for future retirees.  According to data provided in the Examiner, Rep. Chip Cravaack has held more town hall meetings during the past two years than Reps. Walz, Oberstar, McCollum, and Sens. Klobuchar, and Franken, have held collectively during the past six years.

Constituents in the 8th district are showing their appreciation for his access and bringing jobs back to the Iron Range.  And actions speak very loudly.  Two weeks ago, the International Union of Operating Engineers endorsed Rep. Cravaack because of his support for the Keystone pipeline, Polymet’s mining project, and his transportation bill amendment stipulating that American-made steel be used in rebuilding the country’s highways and bridges.

Do not let an outside group with big money take away Rep. Cravaack. It is our responsibility to ensure his re-election. Get involved now.

Michael Chopp  , North Branch 

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