Urges a vote for Kim Salo

To the Editor:

During my 20 plus year tenure on the North Branch Area School Board I had the privilege of serving with a great number of school board members.  Kim Salo stands out above all the others for her dedication to the students of this district. She constantly seeks input from the community as well as the staff.

I know firsthand that she spends many, many hours per week tending to the work of the board.  As chairman she is responsible for all of the business that will be transacted at each meeting.

She responds to concerns of other board members and works directly with the administration. She works extremely hard to build consensus and makes sure that everyone is heard and has an opportunity to express an opinion.

Kim has missed many of her children’s sporting events; activities and family events have been postponed to allow her to attend school board meetings.  She takes the responsibility of board service very seriously – rarely if ever missing a meeting.

She always comes to meetings prepared, well informed, and respectful of all.

I urge you to vote for Kim Salo for North Branch Area School Board on Nov. 6.

Donna Setter, Stacy

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